Digital business account (DBA)

This page provides links and information about the development of the Digital business account. This is part of the Business Tell Us Once (TUO) service that will leverage off the maintenance part of the Application Programming Interface (API) for Australian Business Register (ABR).


This initiative forms part of the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda and was included in the 2015-16 Budget.

The Digital business account will provide the following new services for business:

  • A new Digital business account for Australian businesses to access whole of government (WofG) services in a safe and secure online channel.
  • A Business TUO service to update business details and have those updates available to all ‘on-boarded’ government agencies, in real time (noting that agency on-boarding activities are expected to commence post November 2016).
  • A WofG digital mail box solution for businesses to receive digital messages from all levels of government in one seamless, secure and connected environment.

These new business services aim to:

  1. allow easier access to government services by improving and simplifying electronic interactions
  2. provide a flexible and personalised service
  3. adopt mobile technologies to deliver better, more convenient government services
  4. allow businesses to access and read messages from government in one secure place
  5. provide businesses with the functionality to update business details across government agencies in one place.

Business Tell Us Once

We are developing an ABR maintenance API that will support the TUO service for updating business details in the Australian Business Register (ABR). This will enable third party software vendors to consume and provide a retail offering for updating business details.

The Business TUO service will allow updated details to be sent to all on-boarded government agencies, in real time. This will negate the requirement for the business client to contact each government agency separately saving time and money. 

The TUO service will enable vendors to deliver applications for updating business details within their products.

Business digital mail

We are also developing a Business digital mail API for the digital inbox. This will enable vendors to provide applications for receiving digital messages and documents from government within their products. We will start discussions with you about the digital mail API in August this year – see Working group members


14 November 2016

The Digital Business Account project has been placed on hold (as at 30 September 2016).

The business project team are working with stakeholders to identify options for Digital Business Account future position in the ATO/ABR.

18 July 2016

Eight tests were conducted as part of the Digital business account alpha testing. The test findings provided recommendations which will be implemented and tested again in the second phase of testing (beta testing).

30 March 2016

The Digital business account is a WofG digital service and we are following the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) Digital Service Standards for development and delivery.   

Key dates

The planned release date for the “Tell us Once” API is late 2016. The release date for the Digital Mailbox is planned for the second quarter of 2017.

Links and documents

You can access further background information about the Digital business account and Business TUO service via the following:

More detailed information will be provided on this page.

Working Group Members

You are invited to participate in an ongoing working group to test and co-design the digital mailbox for businesses as well as a range of other features, including portal transition features like the Client Communication List. Email us at before Friday 29 July 2016 to join the working group.

Look out for upcoming co-design sessions in the Software developer newsletter and on this page.


Feedback and questions

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Contact information

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