Relationship authorisation manager (RAM)

This page provides information about our progress in creating a whole-of-government authorisation solution, where individuals and businesses can manage their relationships and authorisations with government. 


We are creating a whole-of-government (WofG) digital solution where individuals and businesses can nominate others to act on their behalf when interacting with government agencies.

RAM is a WofG initiative (part of the digital transformation agenda) which is designed to improve the client experience across government services.

It is being delivered in the following two stages:

  1. The first release will allow:
    1. Businesses to authorise other businesses. For example, Bob uses RAM to authorise a payroll services company to act on behalf of his business.
    2. Businesses to authorise individuals. For example, Bob uses RAM to authorise his office manager Peter to act on behalf of the business.
  2. The second release will allow:
    1. Individuals to authorise other individuals. For example, Bob uses RAM to authorise his mother to act on his behalf while he’s overseas.
    2. Individuals to authorise other business to act on their behalf. For example, Bob uses RAM to authorise a charity to act on his behalf.

What are the drivers?

  • To improve the users’ experience and interaction with government.
  • To support the government’s election commitment by making digital the default way to interact with government.
  • To reduce the administrative burden businesses have to face.
  • To make government more efficient and effective by simplifying and streamlining their existing arrangements across channels.

What does this mean for you?

As you are aware, there are a number of related projects occurring across government. We will manage dependencies and integration carefully with minimal impacts for you.


  • Defining scope
  • Finalising business requirements

21 July 2016

We have launched a series of tests to improve and refine the way RAM will work. You are invited to participate in the tests. The first test will end Tuesday 26 July 2016.

Key dates

The full dates for the release to production will be provided once they have been determined.

Links and documents

Architecture and functionality for the user interface.

Working Group Members

A working group has not yet been established for RAM.


13 May 2016 – Teleconference

A teleconference was held on Friday 13 May 2016 to answer questions about RAM. All questions and answers are now available.

Feedback and questions

Feedback is recorded and responses are published as available. You can email new feedback to


For more information or if you have questions, email