SuperStream standard

The SuperStream standard enables superannuation payments and data to be sent from employers to superannuation funds and between super funds and the ATO in a standard electronic format. SuperStream makes superannuation contributions and rollovers quicker, easier and more efficient.

Following the successful deployment of government rollovers in November 2016, the SuperStream implementation agenda will see the introduction of government contributions in the SuperStream standard from May 2017 as well as rollovers from funds to the ATO in early 2018. New fund reporting arrangements will also be implemented from 2018.

Mandatory reporting of opened and closed accounts using SuperTICK3 commenced 1 April 2017.

Industry will also cutover to version 2 of the electronic portability form (EPF2) on 1 May 2017.

By 2018, all rollovers and contributions between government and super funds will be electronic and in accordance with the SuperStream standard.

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Latest news 

April 2017

Based on industry feedback, the following Data Standard schedule documents are re-published on 20 April for better clarity the scope of changes required for Contributions v2.0 implementation. It includes minor wording changes and is not expected top impact industry’s implementation

  • Schedule 4a – Contributions Message Implementation guide (MIG) v2.0
  • Schedule 5 – Message Orchestration and Profiles v2.0
  • Schedule 6 –Error Code Management v2.0

Detailed changes are listed in the Change Summary for v2 schedules (PDF 142KB) - April 2017

A contributions testing and cutover guide (PDF, 254KB) and message samples have been published to support funds and their intermediaries in testing and implementation processes they need to undertake for contributions v2.The Member Registration and Contributions User Guide (PDF, 649KB) has also been updated to a final version. Please provide any feedback to

The MAAS is a suite of services that allows real-time event-based reporting of member account phases and attributes. The service is scheduled for deployment in the first quarter of 2018.

On 6 April, we published the draft Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) technical documentation on the SBR website to seek your feedback.

On 11 April, we provided the draft MAAS Business Implementation guide (BIG) to also seek your feedback.

We have extended the feedback deadline until close of business Friday 5 May 2017.

Feedback and questions on the draft technical documentation can be forwarded to We will consider your input and publish updated final versions soon after.

March 2017

We have finalised the SuperStream Contributions v2 Fund Testing Schedule (PDF, 49KB). Further updated to the schedule should be emailed to

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