The Software Developers Homepage and Product Register has been developed by the Tax Office to assist businesses and individuals to obtain information about software which may assist them to meet their taxation obligations. The Product Register contains a list of software producers who have provided a declaration to the Tax Office that the software meets requirements of test scenarios provided by the Tax Office, and producers who have agreed to the Conditions of Use.

Software producers who register and provide the declaration may list their software on the Product Register. This, however, does not constitute an endorsement, sponsorship or approval of such products by the Tax Office.

The wording of registrations and of any amendments to registrations on the Product Register are supplied directly by software producers.

The Tax Office accepts the veracity of the declaration without scrutiny and does not accept any liability for, or arising as a result of, the listing of software products. You should seek independent advice if you believe that a statement made by a software producer is false and/or misleading.

If you wish to purchase software listed on the Product Register you should do so on the basis of independent consideration and/or advice.