GST integrity of business systems – risk model tests

This page provides links and information for software developer (SWD) consultations in regard to the development of GST integrity of business systems


The ATO is working with software developers on the design and implementation of the integrity of business systems rules and risk model tests, before their public release. These tests are currently used to identify taxpayers who have an increased risk of incorrectly reporting their GST obligations. By releasing the tests publicly taxpayers will be able to identify and correct errors or mistakes prior to lodging.

These tests also form part of the goods and services tax (GST) Cooperative assurance agreement (CAA) entry requirements that taxpayers will perform prior to lodging an activity statement.

Status as of 07 December 2015

We are looking for expressions of interest from SwDs to be part of the working group. Once members of the working group are determined a workshop will be held early in 2016.

Depending on interest, the discussions will take place early in the new year. Email your expression of interest and date preference to the Software industry partnership office at as soon as possible.

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