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Our software Product register will be decommissioned in early 2017 once the Australian Business Software Industry Association (ABSIA) establishes a software industry Product register. Further information will be provided as dates become clear.

Testing is underway to ensure similar functionality will be available for all stakeholders. If your products are published to our current register, we will contact you to ensure a smooth transition.

The Product register has been developed to assist businesses and individuals to obtain information about software which may assist them to meet their taxation obligations.

The Product register contains a list of software developers who have provided a declaration to us confirming:

  • their software meets the requirements of test scenarios provided by us
  • they agree to the Conditions of Use.

You can only list your products on the Product register if you register and provide this declaration.

The listing of products on the Product register does not constitute an endorsement, sponsorship or approval by us. Refer to the Disclaimer for more information.

The User registration overview provides information about registering as a user or a company. Once registered or associated with a company the products can be registered using the Register a product option in the Manage my account section.

Use Search business products to find a product based on the following filters:

  • keywords
  • tax requirements, for example to search for a product that will manage your payroll and/or activity statement reporting.

Tax agents can use ELS products or SBR enabled products  to check the available forms for a product.

The SuperStream certified product register enables employers to identify the readiness of payroll and other service providers to meet SuperStream requirements.