AUSkey decommissioning

Why is AUSkey being decommissioned?

AUSkey has not kept pace with changes in technology and does not meet the future needs of most businesses. AUSkey is:

  • not supported on mobile devices
  • not compatible with all internet browsers
  • difficult to setup and maintain 
  • is restricted to online services and authorisations  do not carry across channels (that is, cannot be used to verify with the ATO by phone)
  • unable to provide a password reset functionality, forcing users to re-register when a password is forgotten
  • difficult for users who manage multiple AUSkeys.
  • reaching end of life in March 2020.

What will replace AUSkey?

The ATO is building:

  • myGovID: A way to prove who you are. You will be able to authenticate and access online services using myGovID.
  • Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM): Whole of government relationship and authorisation manager. RAM lets you control who can act on behalf of your practice across eligible government services.
  • A new Machine to Machine (M2M) authentication solution to support existing M2M arrangements – replacing device AUSkey.
  • Combined, these solutions will replace AUSkey.
  • ATO is also building a SAML service (Business Authentication Manager) to enable agencies to on-board with minimal impact.

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