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This page has been established to provide early advice to software developers for the sole purpose of software development.

Information contained on this pages should be viewed in relation to the publication or source date.

It is a complement to the information which is provided in the ELS Specifications and DIS specifications, which should be viewed as the correct source in the event of any conflicting information herein.


AnyConnect® UDP/TPC support

13/11/2013 - ATO is testing a new version of AnyConnect and new profiles which will work with both UDP and TCP, but it still has one remaining issue to resolve.

News and announcements

9 September 2015

A new version (3.1.10010) is what is supported under Windows 10 as stated in the Cisco official website. We have installed and tested this version under Windows 7, 8 and 10 and it connects without any issues.

The XML profiles have not changed and remain the same as in the previous version.

For access, ask your software developer, if you are a software developer contact

21 July 2015

For ELS users, Cisco AnyConnect would install and connect to the ISydBri and IMelAde concentrators in the Windows 10 environment. Cisco VPN Client is no longer supported and would not work in Windows 10 environment.

If you are still using Cisco VPN Client in your 3rd party software to lodge returns using ELS, please do not upgrade to Windows 10 as yet. Speak with your 3rd party software vendor first if Cisco VPN Client has been tested with their product under Windows 10.”

23 March 2015

SILU posted information on ELS clients using Windows 7 or 8 who experience the "Failed to initialise connection subsystem" error message. The information is available here.

28 March 2014

SILU posted information on AnyConnect Firewall Configuration which is provided to Tax Practitioners by the ATO Technical Help Desk. This informationis available as a resource below.

19 November, 2013

Document Interchange Sysytem (DIS) specification v11.28 released referencing Cisco AnyConnect® hardware.

September, 2013 at TPSD working group meeting (previously ELS forum)

- ATO made an announcement in regard to AnyConnect and lodgment via multiple agent numbers when connected through a VPN tunnel.

April,  2013    via email

- ATO announced controlled information resource in regard to ELS connectivity for client/server environments ( eg such as Microsoft's terminal services)

November, 2012 at ELS forum, Canberra

- ATO announced that Cisco had withdrawn support for their VPN product, and therefore the ATO could also no longer support that product.

- The replacement Cisco product which the ATO would support and recomment is the Cisco AnyConnect® client

- ATO would not discontinue the availability of the VPN facility at this time but encouraged developers to


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