Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) 30 July 2019

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The Digital Service Provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) meeting was held on Tuesday 30 July 2019 in Sydney.

The agenda is available in the table below.

Participation is available to digital service providers listed as DARG membership (DOCX, 20.2KB) for the 2019 year.

Key Outcomes

30 July 2019

Digital Identity

A summary of the new Machine to Machine (M2M) credential, the AUSkey transition roadmap, and what DSPs and users need to do to prepare was given.

ReST Services and Protocols and Agenda item 5, Direction of technology

A discussion occurred regarding the potential use of ReST style APIs.

End to end encryption

An industry viewpoint on the end-to-end encryption process (E2E) was provided.

XBRL to XML transition

It was advised that the discussion on XBRL to XML changes mainly involves the transition of Income Tax Returns (NITR and IITR).

There currently is a principal of single format in a single payload. This principle is blocking the transition as it is not feasible to make the changes all at once.

We are looking to break the principal as it’s the only viable way to provide the solution.

Early access to artefacts

The direction of the focus group was provided. This includes the proposal of 8 new documents and the validation of the approach.

Documentation for the SAML server specifications is considered.

Key outcomes and presentations are available in Online services for DSP.

The secretariat of the DSP Architecture Reference Group can be contacted by email at

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