Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) 7 November 2019

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The Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) meeting was held on Thursday 7 November 2019 in Moonee Ponds.

The agenda is available in the table below.

Participation is available to digital service providers listed as DARG membership (DOCX, 20.2KB) for the 2019 year.

Key Outcomes

7 November 2019

ATO Digital Services Modernisation

Request For Information (RFI) process has almost been finalised.

Information on the RFI is available on the AusTender website.

XBRL to XML transition update

ATO would like to build the IITR schedule in EVTE as quickly as possible and asked for feedback from the group.

A sample payload information will be available in future.

Consolidated release plan

A consolidated roadmap was provided, and feedback was collected from the group regarding what they would like to see in the future.

A change to an artefact was agreed to be included on the roadmap.

Channel Strategy & API Strategy

The wholesale channel strategy will look at:

  • What channel should be used for a service.
  • The rules for what the gateway will offer.
  • Principles for moving to the lightweight channel.

The new API gateway will take on lightweight services, allowing us to support SBR and BDE to take the heavier traffic.

Digital ID and M2M transition

An update on the achievements in the digital space was provided.

Regression testing is currently occurring and will be operational in future.

ReST Services & Protocols

An overview of the discussion that was held last DARG regarding ReST was provided.

Update on e-invoicing

An update on e-invoicing was provided.

Direction of technology

Encouragement for adoption of e-invoicing would be needed as ATO did not intend to make e-invoicing mandatory.

Wrap up

ATO would like to welcome anyone from the industry to present at the DARG.

Key outcomes and presentations are available in Online services for DSP.

The secretariat of the DSP Architecture Reference Group can be contacted by email at

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