Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) 29 July 2021

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The Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) meeting was held via webinar on 29 July 2021.

The agenda is available in the table below.

Participation is available to those Digital service providers listed as DARG members for the 2021 year.

Key Outcomes

29 July 2021

Delivery insights and future program

A high-level roadmap for upcoming projects and service changes were provided.

Further details were provided on the following programs which are slated for delivery before June 2022.

Discussion to be taken to the PLS working group of changes to the rollout strategy.

Data refresh of conformance suites

Work will occur over the next three financial years to progressively refresh the data contained in the conformance suites.

Digital services gateway

The group was consulted regarding the planned approached for the development and delivery of APIs in the DSG.

Machine credential renewal

The functionality to support M2M renewal was delivered in June 2021. Credentials will begin to expire in November 2021. The Software Developer Kits are in the process of being updated.

STP Phase 2 DPO transition support

The STP Phase 2 DPO transition support timeline was provided.

Future of Data

Several issues,  considerations, and challenges were highlighted during the discussion on how the ATO can become a data-driven agency.

Other business

Consideration is being given on how to best provide visibility of the numbers of DSPs transacting within the ecosystem.

Key outcomes and presentations are available in Online services for DSP.

The secretariat of the DSP Architecture Reference Group can be contacted by email at

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