DARG focus group - Chatterbox workload distribution

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The final meeting for this group was held on 01 March 2018. This group is now closed.

This focus group is to address issues for Digital service providers (DSPs) and Sending Service Providers (SSPs) in regard to the technical implementation of Chatterbox (Workload Distribution) for ATO’s SBR environment.

The focus group was proposed by the DSP Architecture Reference Group (DARG) meeting of 1 March 2018, with the objectives to:

  • facilitate quick discussions out-of-session in regard to technical matters for the ATO’s development and deployment of a Chatterbox-like workload distribution mechanism
  • report on those matters to the DARG for endorsement as recommendations to the ATO.

A summary of early consultation and research with targeted DSPs was tabled at the DARG on 1 March. The DARG DSP Consultation Chatterbox Research 1 Feb 2018 paper was recommended by the DARG to be included in this focus group page and promoted to the software industry for information.

More information on this initiative will be posted below as it becomes available.

For further information or feedback email DPO@ato.gov.au.

Non-participants in the focus group may also provide input or seek information.

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