Extension of ELS closure date for activity statement and reports

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06/12/2018 - 02:45pm


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Update: 6 December 2018

ADP recently requested an extension for the Direct Debit form (EM) until 28 February 2019 to move their non-tax agent clients off the ELS service. Due to the nature and timing of the request, we have agreed to this extension and it will apply to all DSPs.

The Direct Debit form (EM) will now close on 28 February 2019 for all DSPs.

For a list of form closure dates, see Practitioner lodgment service transition dates.

3 December 2018

To ensure all Digital service providers (DSPs) can smoothly manage the transition of their client products to PLS versions of the reports and Activity Statement, we have made a decision to extend the closure of ELS for these services to 31 March 2019.

This is due to feedback we have received from a number of DSPs, highlighting the risks to the client experience in migrating their client base to PLS reports and Activity Statement lodgment, prior to the planned 15 December 2018 ELS closure of these forms.  

While feedback has indicated that DSPs are technically ready to meet the current deadline,  we agree that a better approach will be to postpone the proposed closure date of the Activity Statement (GA, GB, GI and GR; CU and CP) and Reports in ELS (OB, OG, OI, OL, OM, OR, OC, OS, RR) to 31 March 2019.

This approach will enable new software releases to go through PVT, beta testing and then provided to, and taken up by clients in a more staggered way to enable the change to be well managed.

Original ELS Digital Service providers would already have received an email informing them of this change.

As a consequence of the extension, ELS release 2017.8 has been withdrawn.

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