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To help guide you through the Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) 2019 product verification testing (PVT) process we have developed the IITR 2019 PVT scenarios and hotspot guide, and a diagram representing the IITR 2019 PVT process.

It’s now mandatory to complete the new Deduction schedule for claims made at D1-D15 in the 2019 IITR. The new Rental schedule is not compulsory for Tax Time 2019, however you can choose to include this for 2019 and it will be compulsory for the 2020 IITR.

Based on these changes we require PVT to be completed for the new components. The PVT will include scenarios related to the deduction schedule and, if included, the rental schedule.

Whitelisting and PVT process

  • It is expected that lodgments for whitelisted products will be accepted from Monday 24 June 2019.
  • Post-whitelisting, PVT can be conducted from 24 June to 7 July 2019. During the first week of Tax Time (1 – 7 July) we will have a ‘safety net’ in place, where all returns are stored and system processing is checked.
  • If you have not completed full PVT and been certified for a prior year IITR then the normal whitelisting, PVT and certification process remains unchanged.
  • Where you have consumed and successfully completed full PVT for a prior year’s IITR, whitelisting and certification by the DPO will occur after you:

    • successfully complete 2019 EVTE tests
    • request whitelisting for PVT purposes
    • have no outstanding Operational Framework requirements or quality issues
    • work with your nominated tax agent to undertake the streamlined IITR 2019 PVT scenarios
    • successfully complete PVT.
  • We recognise that limited deduction labels data may be available to your nominated tax agent during the PVT period. Therefore, we will work with each individual DSP to consider a ‘Conditional approval’ on the basis that you’ve made reasonable attempts to meet the scenarios, informed us of your progress and are unable to complete the PVT in full during the ‘safety net’ period.
  • The terms of a conditional whitelisting and its timeframe (i.e. between 2-6 weeks) will depend on the level of completeness of the PVT and if any errors were identified. Where a conditional approval is provided, we reserve the right to take steps to de-whitelist the IITR 2019 service.
  • You will need to nominate your PVT participating tax agent as soon as possible. We are unable to provide a list of agents using a particular software product. We’ll contact your nominated agent to set up a secure mailbox facility (SIGBOX) so they can transfer the PVT confirmation files (ie PDFs, evidence) to us. We will assist with the SIGBOX creation by using a nominated agent’s email and contact details. Agents may also choose to upload the evidence via Online services for agents.
  • We can confirm we’ve taken reasonable steps to manage the PVT checks and respond to your queries during this period. We will attempt to provide PVT results for each submission to you within two working days.
  • If any errors are identified you will be informed immediately and remediation action will be required. If the error is deemed to be critical (ie affecting a taxpayer’s return) you may be de-whitelisted until a fix has been put in place and a new PVT candidate and time is nominated.
  • PVT lodgments have to come from an agent that you nominated.

If you have concerns or require further information contact the Digital Partnership Office via Online services for DSPs or email us.


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