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We have released draft documentation on proposed STP Phase 2 changes, providing you early access to allow you to start assessing the impact of these changes. These are the draft 2020 Message Structure Table (MST) and draft 2020 Message validation spreadsheets.There are Bills currently before Parliament that will legislate the reporting of an expanded dataset for STP Phase 2.

Treasury Laws Amendment (2019 Measures No. 3) Bill 2019 – brings the change of salary sacrifice to superannuation into scope of STP; and Social Services and other Legislation Amendment (Simplifying Income Reporting and Other Measures) Bill 2020 – changes the assessment method of employment income for Social Services.

The Government has also announced that there will be another Bill introduced to enable the Commissioner of Taxation to collect Child Support information through STP reporting.

All documentation will be released as draft until such time as the legislation is finalised.

The 2020 version of the MST and associated schema will remove most enumerations or lists of valid values.  Validation rules will be used to check that the correct type is supplied along with other cross field rules such as certain payment amounts only allowed for certain income types. 

Report guidance has also been evaluated to support the outcomes for Phase 2. This is designed to ensure that as you develop for this new version, you have a good understanding of the fact/element and its usage. 

To help you understand the enumerations or valid values, you will be prompted to refer to the STP Business Implementation Guide (BIG).

It is important you refer to the STP Business Implementation Guide (BIG) to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the requirements for certain rules and the complexities contained in some fields, not fully explained in the MST and Message validation spreadsheets. The BIG is designed to provide you with detailed information on STP functionality, business rules and how you need to incorporate them.

You’ll notice the new data structure is more flexible to accommodate future government policy changes without needing to create new schema.

Upcoming key dates

We are planning to release the following STP Phase 2 documentation in the coming months:

  • First draft of the Business Implementation Guide V2020.1 – we are planning to publish this on in March 2020
  • PAYEVNT 2020 contracts and rules implementation packages including sample XMLs – we expect to release this in March 2020
  • PAYEVNT 2020 service – we are planning to make this available in EVTE as part of the standard scheduled EVTE drop in April 2020.

No previous versions available.