STP: Payroll Event 0003 2018 package

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14/12/2017 - 05:00pm


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The Payroll Event 0003 2018 package (PAYEVNT.0003 2018) provides technical implementation details to support the Single Touch Payroll, payroll reporting: Business implementation guide (STP BIG).

WPN holders lodging via SSPs: PAYEVNT.0003 2018

PAYEVNT.0003 2018 will be changed to allow withholding payer number (WPN) holders to lodge STP reports where a sending service provider (SSP) is used, removing the current constraint that requires WPN holders to use a registered agent. Functional changes include:

  • The ebMS3 header will allow a party id type of WPN to be used in the From field. Note the Role will remain 'Business'.
  • Technical implementation of the rule - VR.ATO.PAYEVNT.000177 in PAYEVNT update and submit will be fixed to ensure the payload only allows either a WPN or an Australian business number (ABN) for the reporting party - never both. This is to ensure it is clear that it is a WPN holder only.

Note that PAYEVNT.0002 2017 will not be updated to support this change.

New validation rules: PAYEVNT.0003 2018 and PAYEVNT.0002 2017

We have continued to investigate issues occurring in production around 'stuck messages' (the PAYEVNT or PAYEVNTEMP record stops processing and is not posted in our back end sytems).

As part of adding new validation rules to address these issues, we will be implementing a new interactive error message a a different text character set to the PAYEVNT84 - Submission ID field (covering all characters currenlty used in production).

Note: this is in addition to the validation rules we previously published on 21 September 2018. An updated list of error messages to be applied to the relevant fields in PAYEVNT.0003 2018 and PAYEVNT.0002 2017 is available under 'Resource Attachments'.

Note the underlying schema or version of the PAYEVNT message will not change.

Release schedule

We recognise you will need to consider lead times to update your product/s and are working towards the following release schedule for these changes:

  • 1 November 2018 - artefacts to become available
  • 15 November 2018 - release changes into EVTE
  • 8 December 2018 - release changes into production

Contact if you have questions or feedback.

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