Upcoming SBR2 EVTE3 test2.ato.sbr.gov.au certificate renewal

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The new SBR2 EVTE3 test2.ato.sbr.gov.au certificate will be deployed on Thursday 30 April at 9.00pm AEST.

To ensure continuity of service you may need to install the new SBR2 EVTE3 test2.ato.sbr.gov.au certificate, depending on whether your application accepts new certificates without intervention or has implemented certificate pinning.

The new certificate will be available to download from SBR ShareFile on Thursday 16 April 2020 (login required).

The old SBR2 EVTE3 test2.ato.sbr.gov.au certificate will expire on Friday 8 May. Once the new certificate has been deployed, it will replace the old certificate, and the old certificate can no longer be used.

To confirm that the right certificate has been obtained, or if you have any questions you can:

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