SBR and SuperStream transitioning to cloud SBR Gateway

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11/12/2018 - 12:15pm


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We have recently written to a number of Digital Service Providers regarding our decision to transition all Standard Business Reporting (SBR) and SuperStream transactions to our cloud SBR Gateway by March 2019. This is a necessary step to ensure ongoing services for industry and will provide a robust and resilient platform for future development.

Since August 2017, we have provided an option to connect to either our cloud SBR Gateway or our on-premises solution. The cloud Gateway has demonstrated improvements to performance, capacity and resilience. Additionally, it has provided us with the ability to quickly scale up the environment at short notice.

The ATO’s use of a private cloud environment is approved by the Australian Signals Directorate and is compliant with the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy.

Tax professionals are not required to notify their clients of this change or gain their consent.  We arrived at this position through consultation with the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) regarding the transition. This advice is consistent with the TPB practice note 1/2017 on Cloud Computing and the Code of Professional Conduct (refer to “Code obligations” point 12).

DSPs that have yet to transition to the ATO SBR cloud gateway, will need to make a change to their software in order to connect. The Digital Partnership Office (DPO) will be in contact with DSPs in this category to plan their transition and provide technical support.

Our intention is to complete the transition over the coming months working directly with those impacted.

For further information contact the DPO via email at

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