Single entry point (SEP)


We are working with Fjord on the Single entry point (SEP) project to design a single point for you to receive communications, provide support, access information and streamline engagements. The SEP project aims to make your interactions with us consistent, coordinated and transparent.


Throughout the process of designing the SEP we will be engaging with you as part of a shared journey. A range of activities you can participate in will run over a 12 week period, from 10 May 2016. These include:

  • interviews to discuss your work, relationship with us and the future of software.
  • makeshop which is a hands-on, collaborative workshop to enable you to design products and service concepts that will inform the outcomes of the SEP project.

Along with the activities we welcome any feedback or comments you have on the project, email


6 April 2017

We have issued a Request for information (RFI) to AusTender for a whole-of-government Single entry point (SEP) API catalogue.

Jane King, Deputy Commissioner of Design and Change Management, highlights the RFI as a key step in working towards improving your interactions with us.

In line with the ATO’s reinvention program we want to give the community the best possible experience of the tax and superannuation systems, so we're changing the way we work. We recognise digital service providers are a key partner for delivering good experiences that integrate with the community’s everyday lives and businesses.

We have undertaken considerable consultation and co-design with the industry to understand how we can better work together to deliver for the community. Through this we have identified a need to consolidate and simplify the information and services we provide to digital service providers.

This Request for Information (RFI) for an API catalogue for a whole-of- government Single entry point was a key initiative that resulted directly from software industry feedback.”

13 December 2016

At the recent Strategic working group Assistant Commissioner Lesley Slevin presented on the SEP project. The presentation focused on how we are working to deliver the Software Experience using the seven design principles. The Software Experience (PDF, 426kB) is the desired experience that software developers described during the project.

7 September 2016

The Single entry point utopia experience (PDF, 11Mb) is now available.

25 August 2016

The Single entry point rollout and roadmap (PDF, 48kB) is now available. We are working though timeframes and what can be provided in relation to the Minimum Lovable Product.

Week 8: 27 June 2016

We have used the data collected from the workshop held with members from the Digital Partnership Office (DPO) to help further the development of a Single entry point. We have also used this data to inform our validation sessions with software developers.

Read the full project update for week 8 (PDF, 343kB)

Week 7: 20 June 2016

This week we began to synthesise the insights captured from the Makeshop. A workshop was held with members from the Digital Partnership Office (DPO) to explore the teams’ relationship with you and opportunities for improvement.

Read the full project update for week 7 (PDF, 273kB)

Week 6: 13 June 2016

The main focus for this week was the Makeshop which bought together ATO staff and software developers to co-design solutions for a SEP.  Over the day we ran a range of activities which helped to create an understanding of your experience with us, areas for improvement and the collaboration of digital and non-digital solutions.

Read the full project update for week 6 (PDF, 2MB)

Week 5: 6 June 2016

Using the findings and insights from our primary research we can highlight the opportunities in improving our communication channels with you. With the Makeshop coming up next week we finalised the schedule for the day including developing interactive activities to encourage collaboration.       

Read the full project update for week 5 (PDF, 136kB)

Week 4: 30 May 2016

Primary research with members of the software industry concluded this week and interviews began with our internal stakeholders in Canberra. We began to synthesise the findings and insights from our primary research. Planning continued for the Makeshop.

Read the full project update for week 4 (PDF, 2MB)

Week 3: 23 May 2016

Interviews began this week in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We gained deeper insights into your work with us in providing services to your clients. We began planning for the Makeshop.

Read the full project update for week 3 (PDF, 254.26kB)

Week 2: 16 May 2016

We investigated our communication channels to you, including mapping all contact points between us. We focused on gaps and opportunities for improvement. Preparations for our interviews with you were finalised.

Read the full project update for week 2 (PDF, 1,65kB)

Week 1: 9 May 2016

We started the process of developing SEP by reviewing existing research and preparing for the interviews with you. We invited you to express your interest in the project and participation in the activities. 

Read the full project update for week 1 (PDF, 119kB)

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