Planned rollback of 2019 SMSFAR changes

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01/05/2019 - 09:15am


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We are rolling back the 2019 Self-managed superannuation fund annual return (SMSFAR) changes as legislation to change the audit cycle from yearly to three yearly was not passed.

The following changes are planned for May EVTE deployment. If you are implementing SMSFAR you may be impacted.

Summary of changes:

  • No change to the SMSFAR.0009 2019 message (MST)/reporting taxonomy.
  • The following validation rules have been modified to remove the check for the SAN 9999999, with no change to the error code or error message description. Refer to the updated and proposed changes SMSFAR.0009 2019 validation rules for further information:
    • VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436337
    • VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436014
    • VR.ATO.SMSFAR.437161
    • VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436281
    • VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436282
    • VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436020
    • VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436022
  • Validation rule VR.ATO.SMSFAR.437183 deleted to make new label SMSFAR405 optional.
  • EVTE conformance scenario/payload - CONF-ATO-SMSFAR-023 to show successful SMSFAR lodgment using SAN 9999999 will be removed. Batch test scenario CONF-ATO-SMSFAR-BATCH-001 will be updated to remove test case 023.

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