Single Touch Payroll reporting: Tell your clients to notify us of their software service ID

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Help reduce employer errors with their single touch payroll (STP) reporting by encouraging your clients who have purchased or subscribed to SBR-enabled Cloud software to register their unique software service ID (SSID) number with us.

Most employers should now be reporting their employees' payroll information through STP. Before they start STP reporting, they need to register their SSID number with us. If employers don’t notify us of their SSID number, we will not receive their STP reports.

We have easy-to-understand information available on, including STP checklists and information on notifying the ATO on software service ID to help your clients with their reporting obligations.

Once your client has submitted their first STP report successfully, we'll send them a welcome email to let them know we've received it. If your client doesn’t receive a welcome email or confirmation message from us, they need to check that their STP report has been sent. This message will usually be displayed in their software.

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