STP Phase 2 DSP Transition working group meeting - 21 September 2021

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At this meeting the key discussion points were:

  • An STP Phase 2 update on DSP readiness was provided, seen a progressive increase in the number of employers starting to report
  • The mandatory start date remains 1 January 2022.  The ATO will develop mid-year transition solutions for employers
  • The 22 September webinar has reached maximum registrations
  • The ATO to ensure communications with employers are at the right time of their transition. A general awareness letter was issued in May 2021, advising employers that STP is changing
  • The STP Product register on the Software Developers Website (SWD) is updated in real time and where all DSPs with a commercial product have their products registered.

The complete key messages for this working group are available in Online Services for DSPs.

The secretariat of the STP Phase 2 DSP Transition working group can be contacted by email at

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