STP Phase 2 DSP Transition working group meeting – 25 November 2021

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At this meeting the key discussion points were:

  • there is a view to provide targeted and tailored engagements to cater for smaller micro businesses to large and complex payroll, as the series to date has been quite broad
  • Communications are planned for a small population of employers whose solutions will be ready to come on board at the end of January. A wider comms approach and advertising campaign will be explored for next year now there is a better view of DSP readiness
  • The remainder of DSP deferrals should be processed over the coming weeks. Additional assurance checks to ensure products are working correctly before being rolled out more broadly have proved advantageous
  • Updated DSP transition guidance notes and employer guidance have now been published
  • There was discussion about how employers are responding to the change in requirements with STP Phase 2.

Key messages for this working group are available in Online Services for DSPs.

The secretariat of the STP Phase 2 DSP Transition working group can be contacted by email at

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