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The final Business Implementation Guide (BIG) for Single Touch Payroll (STP) phase 2 – Payroll Event (PAYEVNT) services (STP phase 2 BIG) has been published on

The STP phase 2 BIG is designed to help you understand the business requirements and design of functionality for STP phase 2 software products and services.

It will assist you to build or update your products to allow employers, or their registered intermediaries, to meet STP reporting obligations or to send STP reports as a Sending Service Provider.

Technical service design artefacts for STP phase 2 including the 2020 Message Structure Tables and Validation rules have also been published on These service design artefacts must be used in conjunction with the information provided in the final BIG. The service is now available in our External Vendor Testing Environment (EVTE).

We’re holding a webinar series to explain all aspects of STP phase 2 implementation for digital service providers throughout November.

STP Phase 2 supporting documents such as guidelines and position paper will be in Online services for digital service providers, when they become available.

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