Strategic working group 27 October 2021

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This combined Digital Service Providers Australia and New Zealand (DSPANZ) and Strategic Working Group (SWG) meeting was held via webinar on 27 October 2021.

At this meeting the discussion points were:

ATO forward plan and links to industry: Deputy Commissioner Matt Hay described some of the major pieces of work occurring under his Strategy & Architecture portfolio, including what the key considerations are moving into 2022.                  

Impact of ATO Roadmap on DSPs: Work is being done within industry to understand the impact of changes which result from the ATO programs of work.

Improving Tax Performance of Small Business strategic initiative: The group discussed opportunities to influence the tax performance of small business and address several problem areas. Concepts were put forward and conversation will be bought back to the group in 12 months’ time.

Super program of work: The Your Future, Your Super measure has seen the introduction of the YourSuper comparison tool. There is a current focus on education and communications for the employer market and a webcast has been published.       

DSG API portal demo: The Digital Services Gateway (DSG) provides a lightweight capability to expand on SBR and BDE.  The demonstration videos for the API portal have been published in the Knowledge Base in Online Services for DSPs.                                          

MBR program of work: The Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program of work timeframe was impacted by COVID-19 which caused a replanning of the delivery.

Digital Inbox for Business: Digital Inbox for Business overview was provided, with plans to establish a DSP working group to co-design the solution.

Evolution of the client register: This initiative will improve the ATO’s ability to get to the right client at the right time. It will also be presented to the Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group (TPSG) shortly.

Strengthening Cybersecurity: Strengthening Cybersecurity is one of the ATO’s strategic initiatives with two programs of work occurring to capture threats to the ATO.

Fraud landscape: Work to combat identity fraud is ongoing and DSPs were reminded to report all suspicious activity and security breaches.

Security standards and certification: There is a growing need for cyber security. The Security Standard for Add-on Marketplaces (SSAM) was developed, and a review is planned in 2022/23.

Modernisation of trusts: The Modernisation of Trusts project is an ATO strategy aimed at improving the integrity of the tax system and improving the Trust experience. Focus group sessions are planned with DSPs for mid November 2021.

Optimising disputes through self-service: The intent of the Optimising disputes through self-service project is to address the critical need for an online form for the lodgment of objections. The project is at the planning stage and there is no detailed design component as yet.

The Strategic Working Group membership is refreshed annually by Expression of Interest.       

You can access the presentation slides by logging into Online Services for DSPs.

Participation is available to those Digital service providers listed as SWG members for the 2021 year.

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