Super Tax File Number Integrity Check (Super TIC) conformance suite

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The Super Tax File Number Integrity Check (Super TIC) conformance suite is now available.

The STIC conformance suite provides a conformance document, example XBRL files for each test case and an ATO keystore.xml. The suite also includes a cover note which lists important limitations that should be read before commencing testing.

To access the conformance suite, digital service providers will need to be licensed with Standard Business Reporting (SBR). If you are a digital service provider, you can register with SBR by contacting the SBR Service Desk on 1300 488 231 or by emailing  You will also be able to request the Web Implementation Guide which contains all the information you need to access the test environment.

Once you have completed testing of your software you will need to request a Declaration of Self Certification from the SBR Service Desk and send this completed form to the  Once it is accepted, your software information will be added to the SBR enabled products list on the SBR website and messages generated from your software in the production environment will be accepted.

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