SwD Technical working group (TWG)

This page provides links and information for Digital service providers (DSP)) consultations in regard to the Digital service providers technical working group (SwD TWG) formerly known as eCommerce Digital service providers technical working group (eCommerce SwD TWG).


The eCommerce SwD TWG was formed on 10 September 2013. Initially for the transition of ELS2SBR, but through natural evolution became the known SwD TWG for information sharing, discussion of options and decisions for a united approach between ATO and SwD community for all service delivery via the eCommerce platform.

The SwD TWG is to discuss and resolve messaging design issues in the context of the eCommerce platform wholesale service interactions where there is a material impact on SwDs.

Meetings generally occur every 4 weeks, on a Thursday, by phone hook-up as per the upcoming engagement calendar.

Alerts are sent to Digital service providers who subscribe to this website, via the DPO daily email ("nnn/YY -dd/mm/yyyy softwaredevelopers.ato.gov.au publishing update”) at the time the meeting’s artefacts are published, which is usually by the Monday before each meeting.


1 February 2017

The Single Touch Payroll technical working group (STP TWG) has now been combined with the SwD TWG.


The eCommerce SWD TWG Charter (PDF, 277kB) describes the groups purpose, membership, roles and responsibilities.

Working group members

There is no specific working group for the eCommerce SwD TWG. Each meeting is open to all Digital service providers, although if there are multiple attendees from one company it is requested that only one person speaks.

Consultation (meetings, seminars, workshops)




Feedback, questions and answers

For a feedback and responses in regard to SBR (Core Services and ebMS3) Standards

Links and documents

Contact information

For feedback and questions specifically on technical issues the eCommerce platform email SwDTWG@ato.gov.au and cc DPO@ato.gov.au