Software developer technical working group (STP) - 15 February 2017

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SwD TWG Phone Conference - Wednesday 15 February 2017 from 2.00pm to 3.00pm (AEDT).
This meeting will combine the  STP Working Group and eCommerce TWG.

For more information please contact the SIPO mailbox.

Intending participants should email by COB 14 February 2017 to register for participation.

Several representatives for each organisation can dial-in to listen however only select members of each should participate in the interest of efficiency and manageability of the engagement over the phone hook-up.
Relevant documents for pre-reading are usually available below by COB on the Monday preceding the meeting.

For further information refer to TWG meetings page.

Reason for Amendment

9 February 2017
The eCommerce Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting scheduled for Thursday 23 February has been moved to Wednesday 15 February.

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SwD TWG Minutes 15 February 2017 (DOCX) 263.91 KB 22 Feb 2017
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SwD TWG Agenda 15 February 2017 (DOCX) 279.71 KB 14 Feb 2017
STP Payevent message status report (DOCX) 534.36 KB 14 Feb 2017
SwD TWG Action items 15 February 2017 (XLSX) 489.06 KB 22 Feb 2017
SwD TWG Minutes 8 December 2016 (DOCX) 269.1 KB 10 Feb 2017

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