Taxable payments annual report products

Taxable payments annual reports can be lodged online using:

  • the file transfer function in the Business, Tax Agent or BAS Agent Portal.

To lodge the report using the portal, you will need to create an electronic annual report data file using accounting software.

To lodge the Taxable payments annual report using SBR, you will need SBR-enabled commercial accounting software.

By using SBR, you are supplying the information directly from an approved accounting software program. The software program will provide validation and confirm receipt of the report.

The accounting software you use must meet our reporting requirements. To confirm this, you can:

Using products that meet our requirements will help you:

  • lodge your annual report quickly and securely online, with real time confirmation
  • increase the quality of your business management and record keeping
  • streamline your accounting practices
  • increase compliance with your tax obligations.