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Activity statement client report

7 June 2017

A new version of the activity statement client report will be deployed as a part of Tax Time 2017. Find out how this could affect your software.


ebMS3 compression change for Batch bulk and collect transactions

23 May 2017

Compression is being introduced for transactions in ebMS3 to maintain efficiency. Read more about the changes.


Correct information for TRTAMI and TRTAMIS

18 April 2017

Schema references for TRTAMI and TRTAMIS have been reverted to reflect SBR XBRL generation. Read more.


Incorrect service information for TRTAMI and TRTAMIS

11 April 2017

The Service registry (SR) published on Thursday 23 March contains service information for TRTAMI and TRTAMIS for 2017 that is incorrect. The correct information is available.


Update SBR ebMS3 web services implementation guide

31 March 2017

The SBR ebMS3 web services implementation guide has been updated. See what new information is now included.


Fix in ‘eb: AgreementRef’

15 March 2017

We are deploying a fix into the EVTE and Production environments for proper values in the ‘eb: AgreementRef’. Find out whether your software populates correctly.


VANguard IP address range update

7 March 2017

VANguard is updating their servers. Read more on how this could affect you.


Tax Time 2017 update

24 February 2017

We are in the process of implementing a strategy to ensure our Tax Time 2017 services are released with minimal issues. Read the full update for more information.


Fringe benefits tax 2017 update

20 February 2017

Fringe benefit tax (FBT) 2017 will only be available via PLS (SBR1 and SBR2). See the current specifications.