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Payroll Event PAYEVNT.0002 (2017) Production Fix

6 October 2017

We are implementing a Production fix to a validation rule around the Run Date/Timestamp.


Revised Individual income tax return hotfix changes

3 October 2017

The updated solution for Validation Rule issues VR.ATO.IITR.600015 and VR.ATO.IITR.600016 is available.


Incident 28465304: TFND version 1, 2 and 3 in SBR1

22 September 2017

We have identified that a new validation rule affecting TFND version 1, 2 and 3 was deployed to production (Incident number: 28465304) earlier than expected. Find out what the change means for each version of the affected services


Impacts to activity statements pre-lodge/lodge service for Simpler BAS

16 August 2017

A resolution for issues with the pre-lodge/lodge service in Simpler BAS has been deployed.


Activity statement client report

7 June 2017

A new version of the activity statement client report will be deployed as a part of Tax Time 2017. Find out how this could affect your software.