Business inbox

What is the Business inbox?

Business inbox is a whole-of-government (WofG) solution for businesses to receive correspondence digitally from government agencies. The retail solution will be built and delivered as a WofG capability and the wholesale solution will use the Digital Services Gateway.

The Australian Taxation Office and Australian Business Registry Service will be the first government agencies to adopt the Business inbox. Other federal government agencies have expressed interest in onboarding to Business inbox when it becomes available.

The Business inbox and notifications service will:

  • provide a single business mailbox per registered business entity
  • enable authorised users to easily access and action mail delivered to the entity’s business inbox
  • manage an inbox user’s notification preferences and mail permissions.

Who is involved?

The ATO is the lead agency for delivering a WofG Business inbox and notifications service.

The ATO and ABRS will be the first government agencies to adopt the Business inbox.

Why is the Business inbox needed?

A scalable solution is needed for sending correspondence digitally to businesses which will:

  • improve the client experience by providing a real-time record of digital communication issued to the business
  • improve client confidence when it comes to digital government services
  • reduce outbound paper volumes and associated costs.

How we are supporting Business inbox

The ATO is engaging with a range of stakeholders to support the design and implementation of the Business inbox.

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