Controlled information resource list


A controlled information resource is information that is not yet available to the general public, but is made available to digital service providers for the sole purpose of assisting in the development of tax-related software (both commercial and in-house).

In some cases the information is in draft form or has been made available for the purposes of consultation, proof of concept work and or pilots.

You should not on-forward controlled information to persons or organisations outside your own organisation.

You can apply for access to controlled information by filling in the details below, including the categories of information you would like to be able to view and the reason why you require access to this information. You will receive an email confirmation upon approval from the ATO's Digital Partnership Office (DPO).

From time to time, the DPO may contact you in regard to confirming your ongoing needs and your eligibility to access the controlled information.

Important note: We are aware of an issue whereby a user is a member of a controlled information group will be prompted for their login details when trying to view resources.

You do not have to reapply for access, however you may have to enter your username and password a few times, or clear your cache and try again until we are able to resolve it.

Request access to controlled information listed below

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