Unclaimed superannuation money (USM) statement draft v5.1.0


Draft v5.1.0

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12/07/2017 - 09:00am


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  • Superannuation

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A new Draft electronic reporting specification (ERS) Unclaimed superannuation money (USM) statement version 5.1.0 has been released. A tracked and clean version has been published for your information.

Differences between Versions 5.0.6 and 5.1.0

Supplier Data Record 1

  • Data field File creation date (7.6) definition has been updated.

Unclaimed Superannuation Member data record

  • Data field Unclaimed money day (7.61), ‘C’ optional updated to ‘M’ mandatory.
  • Data field type Service period start date (7.77), ‘O’ optional updated to ‘M’ mandatory.

For a full list of changes between version 5.0.6 and version 5.1.0, refer to the specification on pages I – V.

Interested software developers are encouraged to provide feedback on this draft specification or the draft guidance to the Software Industry Partnership Office at SIPO@ato.gov.au by close of business Friday 28 July 2017.

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