Known incidents and lists

Known incidents

Incident lists for Standard Business Reporting (SBR) services are available so you can view and track reported incidents while you are developing your products and services.

You can use these Incident lists to find out:

  • known incidents within the external vendor test environment (EVTE) and production environment
  • the priority assigned to incidents and their resolution status
  • if you need to report a new incident.

We will update each list regularly to include the latest information.

Incident lists

SBR core and ebMS3 services




For information on upcoming SBR service outages, visit Current SBR system status.

* As indicated during the ABSIA round table meeting on 22nd March, the incident list has been updated to include draft deployment dates for April, May and June, with the following caveats:

  1. Capacity has been held back to allow for an expected number (based on recent trends) of critical priority incidents we expect to arrive over the next 3 months, and
  2. Changes are still being reviewed by the Taxtime 16 project team, for their capacity to incorporate the same fixes into their forms.

We will issue another updated copy of this plan in advance of the next ABSIA round table meeting.