Consultative groups

This session was held to offer support and ensure a smooth transition, for interested participants, to the second gateway. An additional information session was held on 22 August 2017. The session covered questions such as: What will the cloud solution...
Current from: 3 Oct 2017
The agenda and minutes of this meeting are available below under ‘Resource Attachments’.
Current from: 27 Sep 2017
A workshop to discuss a number of use cases and understand if there are any gaps for consideration in the development of the Multi Function Authentication process under the Operational Framework.
Current from: 19 Sep 2017
Initial focus group to discuss potential options that deliver the outcomes being sought from the onshore offshore solution, and considerations from the group.
Current from: 19 Sep 2017
Micro group to discuss definitions and considerations for a technical approach to the supply chain and the roles and responsibilities of involved parties.
Current from: 19 Sep 2017
First meeting of the Supply Chain and Encryption focus group to establish shared understanding of encryption, supply chain visibility and the start and end points of a supply chain.
Current from: 19 Sep 2017
First meeting of the Certification and Assessment focus group to discuss outcomes being sought from consultation with members and setting timeframes.
Current from: 19 Sep 2017
First meeting of the Multi Factor Authentication focus group chaired by Chief Digital Officer John Dardo. Discussion focused on the outcomes being sought around the principle of ‘know your customer’, the importance of identity and credential strength, the...
Current from: 19 Sep 2017
Initial meeting chaired by Assistant Commissioner Ian Scensor to give an overview of the Operational Framework, the key issues, our method of consultation and nominations for focus groups.
Current from: 18 Sep 2017
A strategic/business workshop was held on 29 June 2017 in Melbourne. The agenda, outcomes and other artefacts are available below. Find out more about the Strategic working group.
Current from: 12 Sep 2017