Meeting the DSP requirements

We recognise that it will take time for digital service providers (DSPs) to meet the requirements for using our digital services. It will also take time for us to adequately assess the evidence that DSPs provide. As a result, each requirement has been allocated a different commencement or implementation timeframe.

Find out about key timeframes for digital service providers who are not currently using our services, and those who are currently using our digital services.

Have not used ATO digital services

If you are a new DSP you will need to seek approval under the DSP Operational Framework and commence the assessment process to use our digital services.

Contact the Digital Partnership Office by emailing to find out how you can commence this process.  

Currently using ATO digital services

There is a strategy to transition DSPs to ensure they meet the requirements under the DSP Operational Framework. Whilst DSPs will be provided time to transition, planning should be done early to ensure they are able to meet the timeframes

The diagram below highlights the key timeframes for existing digital service providers who wish to use our digital services.