New Software developers website

The Software developers website has moved to the Australian Government’s GovCMS platform. All existing content has been migrated from the old site, including controlled information. Hyperlinks to content will remain the same, meaning your bookmarks won't need to change.

You’ll experience a number of benefits with the new website such as:

Minor changes have been made to the site’s navigation, page layout and menu, giving the site a more contemporary ‘look and feel’.

If you are a registered Software developers website user, you don't need to do anything immediately - your registration will automatically move to the new site. After the site goes live you will need to change your password to access controlled information by 23 August 2020.

Improved website functionality

Content has been reshaped to the appropriate screen size making it easier to read on any device.

The new website is compatible with commonly used web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Edge.

Revamped product register

The temporary product register on has moved to the new Software developers website. The product register allows digital service providers, business users and tax professionals to locate and validate the legitimacy of third-party software or integration tools.

The new register includes listings for:

Similar to the current STP product register, all commercially available products are included (excluding in-house software), where products are complying with the DSP Operational Framework.

You can request to include or update your product/s through Online services for DSPs using these links:

If you have any questions or feedback about the new website or any of its functionality, email