No-cost and low-cost solutions for Single Touch Payroll

The no-cost and low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) product register provides a randomised list of products suitable for micro employers (those with one to four employees) who need to report through STP. In order to be included on this list products must:

  • be affordable (costing less than $10 per month)
  • take only minutes to complete each pay period
  • not require the employer to maintain the software.

If you begin reporting and find the product you chose doesn’t fit your business needs, you may change to another solution at any time (subject to contractual arrangements). For more information see Changing payroll solutions during a financial year.

While we take all reasonable care to ensure information provided on this list is accurate, changes in circumstances may occur after the solutions are released.

We do not recommend or endorse any of the products listed on this register. Should you have any questions about a products suitability please contact the company directly. To see a full listing of all available STP-ready software please see the full product register.

How to use this register

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  • Clicking on the ‘+’ next to the product name this will display the product’s description and ABN.

No-cost and low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) product register

Product name Company name Solution type Pricing Website Description ABN
seSQue Payroll SESQUE PTY LTD Cloud Free version for 1 Business/User/ Branch. Paid version, $5 per month. seSQue Payroll is a cloud-based STP reporting solution designed with small businesses in mind. It provides a simple user interface allowing employers to keep track of all the payments made to their employees with minimal effort. 53 628 625 641
Free Accounting Software Free Accounting Software Desktop One employee free. 2-4 employees $60p.a.   38 111 951 645
Single Touch - Lite Single Touch Pty ltd Cloud, ESS mobile app $10 or less per month Single Touch Lite is Cloud works in conjunction with your existing payroll, including manual payrolls. Single Touch Lite manages your STP data, reports to you and sends STP data to the ATO. 42 611 551 510
Easy Payslip & Payroll STP Easy Pay Slip Pty Ltd Mobile phone app, Tablet app, Website, Cloud $10 or less per month Super simple payslips, payroll and STP, all from your mobile, tablet or our website. Including tax and superannuation calculations, staff leave & entitlements, allowances, deductions, and customised reports. With great Aussie service and support only a phone call away. 17 617 423 104
STP Basic by SmartPayroll SmartPayroll Web-based $10 or less per month   98 151 694 629
AccXite AccXite Pty Ltd Web-based, Desktop, Mobile app Free until 31 Dec 2019. $10 or less for all subscriptions from 1 Jan 2020 AccXite is an easy to use cloud based Single Touch Payroll (STP) Software. The software satisfies all ATO requirements in relation to the STP. AccXite is also participating in the ATO’s Low-Cost Single Touch Payroll solutions, making it very cost effective for small business to comply with the STP requirements. 17 133 036 218
Payroller Bookipi Pty Ltd Desktop, Mobile, Cloud Free

Payroller is a leading payroll and STP software for micro to medium-sized businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. The all-in-one solution covers all aspects of payroll, from timesheets and rostering to superannuation and STP reporting. Available on the web and mobile, Payroller combines easy-to-use design with free and low-cost subscription options. 91 617 668 185
Reckon One Payroll Reckon Cloud-based $7 per month Reckon One Payroll is a cloud based accounting application allowing you to complete payroll functions such as tax calculations and the generation of payslips for employees.

Reckon One Payroll can also be expanded to include other accounting systems such as invoicing, BAS information and timesheets data.

14 003 348 730
Business in Your Pocket (BIYP) Business in Your Pocket Smartphone App Free until 30 June 2020. $10 per month for all subscriptions from 1 July 2020   31 159 186 802
Xero Payroll Xero Australia Pty Ltd Web-based $10 or less per month   89 124 215 247
MYOB Essentials Payroll MYOB Australia Pty Ltd Web-based $10 or less per month   13 086 760 198
IAM-STP GovReports Online application Free to March 2020. Thereafter $99pa with no employees limit   77 097 643 699
Myaccountant Payroll Myaccountant Web-based $5 per month. Unlimited employees.   81 610 976 719
simple-books Payroll Fiscal Software Online/cloud software On-line for ease of use and always up to date. Less than $10 per month. Simple STP payroll program for micro / small businesses. On-line for ease of use and always up to date. Less than $10 per month. 71 715 543 155
Microkeeper Microkeeper Cloud-based, Mobile apps One employee free. Up to four employees less than $10 per month Microkeepers exciting approach to roster, timesheet and payroll management enhances your business, saving you time and money.

Microkeeper is the most feature rich payroll system on the market.

No more collaborating timesheets and manual entry of data. Timesheet data is analysed by the Microkeeper system and automatically converted into payslips, taking into account breaks, overtime, allowances, superannuation, annual leave, personal leave and much more.

75 909 758 040
BAS Off BAS Off Pty Ltd Cloud One upfront fee of $100 BAS Off is a low cost yet powerful accounting software for micro businesses. Features include BAS lodgement with BAS transaction linking, Single Touch Payroll with automatic award calculations, inventory, advanced balance sheet reconciliations and more. 27 619 246 598
ePayroll ReadyTech Cloud, ESS mobile app $10 or less per month ePayroll is an STP compliant easy online payroll platform that enables employers to pay their employees. You can enter your staff details, hours and pay codes into a compliant online platform. It has fully integrated employee self service, leave and expense management. ePayroll automatically calculates the pay, tax and fulfilment amounts together with PAYG and Payroll Tax Compliance. Run a payroll in just 4 steps, pay your employee Super, run on demand reports, check payslips online and update your details on the go - anytime, anywhere. 54 619 830 223
Wages1-4 Cashflow Manager Desktop $10 or less per month Cashflow Manager is simple accounting software designed specifically for small business. Cashflow Manager makes financial record keeping as quick and easy as possible for sole traders and small business owners with no need for any accounting knowledge or experience.

The unique rows and columns interface makes Cashflow Manager very easy to use, and is one of the reasons it has won TechLife’s (formerly PC User) Best Cashbook Software multiple times.

Cashflow Manager makes managing your business and preparing GST and Tax Returns simple by keeping accurate records of your receipts (money in) and payments (money out), invoicing your customers and manages money you’re owed.

The easy accounting software also tracks your GST, balances your records with your bank account, creates cashflow budgets and provides a wide range of reports to help you manage your small business.

Cashflow Manager is the perfect bookkeeping solution if you are a sporting club, not-for-profit organisation or other small business that is not registered for GST. Simply indicate whether your business is registered for GST or not in the Business Set Up screen and Cashflow Manager will take care of the rest by customising your money in and money out columns, your invoicing settings, and your reporting accordingly.

Cashflow Manager is designed to run on a PC computer running the Windows platform, however if you are a Mac user, you are able to run the program using Bootcamp or Parallels software, very simply.

56 008 131 137
ClockOn Payroll ClockOn Australia Desktop Free ClockOn Payroll satisfies the most demanding requirements of Australian businesses. Individual rules applied to employees at payroll encompass the full spectrum of award conditions and other agreements, including allowances and pay rate changes.

ClockOn Payroll can be seamlessly combined with the ClockOn Rostering and Attendance modules.

83 095 696 049
ClockOn Online ClockOn Australia Cloud Free ClockOn Online satisfies the most demanding requirements of Australian businesses. Individual rules applied to employees at payroll encompass the full spectrum of award conditions and other agreements, including allowances and pay rate changes. 83 095 696 049
Payroo Payroo Australia Web-based, Desktop, tablet or mobile $2 per employee per month   51 632 880 114
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