Operational Framework Review Focus Group - Fraud Detection & Monitoring

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The last meeting was held on 7 April 2021. This group is now closed.

The purpose of this focus group was to obtain DSP feedback on the independent review recommendations and to explore opportunities to improve guidance on:

  • Expansion of security monitoring controls
  • Protection, preservation and retention of audit logs
  • Breach notification guidance

The group identified and discussed current options available, the challenges and the benefits.

Membership (PDF, 35.8KB) of this focus group is made up of cross section of industry representatives.


Outcomes of the group’s activities will be a collective and representative recommendation to the ATO’s strategic program of work and will not imply commitment by the ATO to implement changes.

Documentation of the group’s activities and/or outcomes have been published to this page.

For more information lodge a ticket through Online Services for DSPs or email DPO@ato.gov.au.

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