Operational Framework Review Working Group

The last meeting was held on 11 June 2021. This group is now closed.

The primary purpose of the Operational Framework Review Working Group was to discuss issues, prioritise and recommend improvement opportunities to key areas identified through Digital Service Provider feedback and the Independent Operational Framework Review outcomes.

Documentation of the group’s activities and/or outcomes are published to this page.

The Digital Service Provider (DSP) Operational Security Framework (OSF) Summary of Changes (PDF, 469KB) provides a detailed view of all of the changes from the prior DSP Operational Framework requirements document (V.5.2) to the new Digital Services Provider (DSP) Operational Security Framework (OSF), Requirements for ATO Digital Services (V6.0).

Focus groups

The group included 4 individual focus groups that explored key issues and provide recommendations for the working group to validate on the following topics:

  1. Requirements & lifecycle management
  2. Fraud detection & monitoring
  3. Supply chain & Payload encryption
  4. Authentication




Industry Representatives

Membership of the Operational Framework Review Working Group is made up made up of digital service providers from a range of industry segments.

Membership is guided by the Operational Framework Review Working Group Terms of Reference in addition to the ATO Consultation Framework.

Contact information

Digital service providers can provide feedback or ask questions by raising a ticket in via the DSP service desk in Online Services for DSPs.

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