Product registration

You only need to register your company as a Software Developer if you wish to:

List products on the product register

The Software developers website aims to provide software developers with the information they need to build products to assist businesses and tax agents with record keeping and tax obligations.

Test scenarios are also available for software developers to test their products. Once a product has been tested and the correct results obtained, software developers may register and provide a Declaration of Compliance and list their product(s) on the Product Register.

For a simple process flow

Maintain listing of Tax office registered ELS products

ELS Software Providers are able to update the ELS Software Providers list with their details and list of registered form types as required. This list is for the benefit of Tax Professionals.

Register self-approved paper facsimiles

You do not need to re-register any paper facsimiles registered prior to the Site Upgrade, your registration details will still be current.

To self-register black and white paper facsimiles of tax time forms and schedules for inclusion in software packages.

To register your company select Create/Join Company from the right hand navigation under Manage my accounts.

To login select the login option in the top right hand corner of the site.

If you have any issues in registering your product please contact or call 1300 139 052.