Squirrel Street


SB Australia Pty Ltd


Squirrel Street scans and organises your receipts, invoices and documents securely online.

After scanning everything you send us, Squirrel Street extracts the data from the pages and human-verifies the key fields required for your accounting and taxes. We're your extra set of hands for data entry, reconciling, filing, organising and more. Just send in receipts and documents by post with our reply-paid Magic Envelopes, mobile apps, email, scanner or upload.

With all your docs and data securely organised online, you'll enjoy a new level of business productivity, guaranteed. And, maybe even some extra time for afternoon tea, a walk or a visit with friends.

Product Status: 



  • Mobile App
  • Cloud

Target Market: 

  • Small/Micro
  • Medium

Supported Functionality: 

  • Storage electronic records

Supported Functionality: 

  • Storage of paper records in electronic form