Product Registration Overview

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12/02/2014 - 03:15pm


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Below are different flows of how to register a new product.

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Product registration workflow (described below)

Process Flow

Steps Title Process Description
1 Register as a standard user To register You must register as registered user on the site to become a company owner
2a. Register a company as a company owner To become a company owner after registering a user To add a product you must first become a company owner or a staff of the company (step 2b)
2b. Join/add company staff to a company To join a company, a company owner must add you To have the ability to add a product to a company you are not the creator of, you will need to be added to the staff list of the company.
3 Register new product To register a new product  
4 Choose product type   There are 3 different product types to choose from Business, ELS and Paper facsimile.
5a. Business    
6a. Complete required fields    
7a. Choose related "Supported Functionality" under Product Tax Requirement, Certification and Compliance    
8a. Save    
9a. Does your chosen "Supported Functionality" have required certification details? Yes, go to 10a
No, go to 12a
10a. Have you chosen your "intent to support"? Yes, go to 12a
No, go to 11a
If you do not currently have certification details or have the intent to support functionality that involves certification, you can choose that option in the "Supported Functionality" field (in Step 7a).
11a. Fill out certification details    
12a. Submit declaration    
13 End    
5b. ELS    
6b. Complete required fields    
7b. Choose related ELS forms   Please check the boxes that your product supports
8b. Save    
9b. Submit declaration    
13 End    
5c. Paper facsimile    
6c. Complete required fields    
7c. Choose related paper facsimile forms   Please check the boxes that your product supports
8c. Save    
9c. Submit declaration    
13 End    

If you have any issues registering your product, please do not hesitate in contacting the Software Industry Partnership Office (SIPO), at

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