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Here you will find research and statistics we have developed using various sources , grouped into the following categories:

Software industry

Client Experience survey

The 2017 Digital service provider client experience survey has now closed. We will be publishing results of the survey via this page.

This survey helps us improve our understanding of your needs and deliver a more tailored experience for you. In particular, questions focus on our communication products and channels, your business needs, information needs and current engagement with us.

Our Research and Intelligence area develop this survey on behalf of the Digital Partnership Office (DPO). Individual responses remain anonymous and only aggregated data is reported.

Access the results from past surveys:


The tax software demographics (PNG, 430KB) are a representation of the digital service providers industry, developed by the DPO in October 2015.


The Australian and global software development trends (PDF, 490 KB) is an analysis of emerging trends in the software industry. The research was developed by our Corporate Research and Intelligence team on behalf of the DPO.

Performance and Direction

The Software Developers Client Experience – Performance and Direction (PDF, 1.16KB) document provides an overview of how the external environment may impact the desired client experience and our current position to react. It identifies potential threats and opportunities to the Software Developers Reinvention program of work and supports agility in decision-making relating to current and future strategy considerations regarding the Software Developers Client Experience.

Your users

Communication preferencing

You can read our Communication preferencing research findings (PDF 1.50MB). The Communication preferencing initiative aims to enable tax professionals and their clients to have control over their preference for who will be notified of communications and correspondence from us. This research explores these preferences and the issues and irritants clients may experience with our existing services. The research was carried out by us through secondary research and interviews.  We have also developed an Example user pathway (PDF, 114KB)

AUSkey 2016-2017

You can find an infographic containing information around the state and use of AUSkey for the 2016-2017 financial year.


Partners space

The digital space for partners is a personalised digital space for all partners of the ATO based on their partner ‘type’ and chosen preferences, researched by Fjord and the ATO (PDF, 872KB).

ATO channels

Statistical information is available here about lodgment services used and/or lodgments to us. This information represents past use of these services and is not necessarily indicative of future use.

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