Reversing the threat against cybercrime - Stay Smart Online week

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09/10/2018 - 01:15pm


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8-14 October is Stay Smart Online week, with the ATO joining a number of other agencies and organisations to 'Reverse the threat' against cybercrime.

Whilst the online world opens up marvellous opportunities for us, it has a dark side. It gives criminals a means  to prey on the unsuspecting by invading privacy, stealing identities, data and money.

The Digital service provider (DSP) Operational Framework is part of our response to these risks and establishes how we provide access to and monitor the digital transfer of taxpayer data through software. Educating individuals, intermediaries and business on how they can protect themselves also plays an important part in reversing the threat against cybercrime.

This week we’re undertaking a number of activities online and on social media to provide users with tips on keeping their business, staff and client information secure.

This includes:

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