User registration overview

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Process Flow

Steps Title Process Description
1 Do you wish to subscribe to software developer updates or require access to controlled information resources?

If Yes, proceed to Step 2

If No, proceed to Step 16

You must register as a registered user before you can receive notifications and access to controlled informations from
2 Register Register here  
3 Complete required fields   Required fields: Email, First name, Last name, Phone, Select newsletters to subscribe too.
4 Submit Click link in email sent to you and type in new password and submit. After submitting an email, a link to access your profile will be sent to your nominated email address. You will need to click the link to create your password for the finalsation of your user account.
5 Do you need controlled infromation access?

If Yes, Go to Step 6

If No, Go to Step 16

A controlled information resource is information that is not yet available to the general public, but is made available to software developers for the sole purpose of assisting in the development of tax-related software (both commercial and in-house).
6 Login   If you aren't logged in already
7 Access Controlled Infromation   Click on 'Access Controlled Information' on the left side menu
8 Controlled infromation resource list   Click on 'Controlled information resource list' on the left side menu under 'Access Controlled Information'
9 Request Access   Click on 'Request Access'
10 Fill out reason for request    
11 Tick required Tax Categories you want access too    
12 Submit   An email will be sent to you for your submission
13 Wait for response: approval, part approval or rejection  

An administrator will review your request this could take from a day to a week depending on how much reason text you place in the field above.

There are three types of response you will receive through email:

1. Approval: Your access has been approved for all chosen tax categories

2. Part Approval: Your access has been partly approved due to certain reasons

3. Rejection: Your access has been denied to certain reasons

14 Receive approval?

If Yes, Go to Step 16

If No, Go to Step 15

15 Can re-apply with more evidence in 'Reason for request' Go to Step 7 If you have not receive an approval or received a part approval. The email response from your 1st submission will tell you why this has happened and you may provide more evidence on why you need this controlled information access on a new submission form.
16 End    

If you have any issues registering an account, please do not hesitate in contacting SIPO, at

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