Tax file number (TFN) declaration reporting and self print specifications



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05/04/2016 - 12:00pm


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Tax file number (TFN) declaration reporting version 2.3.1

The Tax file number (TFN) declaration reporting version 2.3.1 in FINAL has been published. A clean version and a tracked version have been provided for your information.

The main updates in the FINAL specification are as follows:

  • The definition for the Higher education loan programme (HELP) or Trade support loan (TSL) indicator field (7.68) altered to include Student start-up loan (SSL).
  • The removal of ECI as an acceptable channel for TFN declaration reporting.

Tax file number (TFN) declaration self print version 1.1.1

The TFN self-print specification v1.1.1 is to be used in the development of software for the input, transfer of data and printing of a Tax file number (TFN) declaration, electronically completed by a payee. The electronic TFN declaration must be developed in conjunction with the electronic reporting specification for the Tax file number (TFN) declaration reporting, enabling payee information to populate the software product for the generation of TFN declaration report data files.

The developed product will:

  • provide an electronic means for the payee to complete the TFN declaration
  • allow for the printing of a TFN declaration, in the ATO approved layout, with the completed payee information, to be signed by the payee and returned to the payer
  • remove the current process, whereby the business (payer)manually keys the completed payee TFN declaration information into the software payroll product.

If you require a copy of v1.0 or v1.1.0 of the Tax file number (TFN) declaration self-print specification, email

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The Tax file number (TFN) declaration specifications have been combined onto one page to reduce confusion.

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