Updates to the AS 2009 service (SBR1 and SBR2)

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Updates to Activity Statement (AS 2009) service to improve SBR error handling responses. These changes are applicable to SBR1 and SBR2 channels.

Update to error message EM060

The CMN.ATO.AS.EM060 error message description will now include a ‘Reason code’. There are 26 different error scenarios that will trigger the CMN.ATO.AS.EM060 error message. A unique numeric reason code for each of the scenarios will be returned in the error message description. The reason code and a description of the issue triggering the error is included in the ATO AS.0001 2009 Validation Rules document on SBR site.

Improved error handling for activity statements

Improvements are being made in how the batch and bulk request processor (BBRP) channel manages unhandled exceptions from the backend. This change enables a new error code/message (EM0001) to be returned for unhandled exceptions, typically caused by an internal issue or issues with user inputted data. The same error will be returned across all channels in this scenario.

The new EM0001 error code will be available to test in EVTE after 21 August EVTE deployment. This change will be available in Production in September 2021.

Keys dates

Updates to AS 2009 and its documentation:

  • AS 2009 Service Package Content published on SBR site 29 July
  • AS 2009 Conformance Suite Package Content to be published on SBR Sharefile 19 August
  • AS 2009 EVTE code deployment 21 August
  • AS 2009 Production Q3 deployment 24 to 27 September

No previous versions available.

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