Online services for DSPs

Online services for Digital service providers (DSPs) provides a secure environment where we support you through the various stages of the software development lifecycle.

By using this service you can:

  • Report incidents
  • Register your product
  • Request certification to use our digital services
  • View and share requests within your company
  • Receive email notifications when the status of your request changes
  • Read release notes for upcoming system changes
  • Securely transmit files

Accessing Online services for DSPs

To begin using our Online services for DSPs, you will need to:

  1. Register for an AUSkey if you do not already have one. A standard AUSkey is suitable. Information is available to assist you with setting your AUSkey permissions for this service.
  2. Log in and access the new Online services for DSPs homepage with your AUSkey.
  3. Contact the DPO via email once you have logged into the homepage, to complete your registration and receive full access. This will allow you to begin using the service and raise tickets. 

To optimise functionality we recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.


The Online services for DSPs user guide (PDF, 1.46MB) provides a visual guide on how to register for SBR and Online services for DSPs. It also demonstrates how to navigate through the various spaces including the DSP Service Desk, Knowledge Base and Consultation Hub.

If you require further assistance or would like to provide feedback to help us improve the service, email