Investment bodies digital service providers


We provide information to aid the development of tax related software including calculators, specifications, guides and instructions, tax return stationery and statement of formulas/tax tables.

Industry engagements

Find out about our engagement activities with the software industry and access agendas and minutes of consultative groups for investment body digital service providers.

Project and initiatives

Find out about our current projects and initiatives being undertaken by us for investment body digital service providers.

Services and support

We have a range of services and support that can help you interact with us, stay up to date and find the information and guidance you need.

Online services for digital service providers

Online services for digital service providers (DSPs) is the new home of information to assist in the development of tax-related software. It provides a secure environment to support you through the various stages of the software development lifecycle. Online services for DSPs includes all resources that used to be controlled information.

Systems maintenance, outages and issues

Information about scheduled system maintenance, known outages and system issues affecting the digital service providers website and other ATO systems.

Other topics

Other topics relevant to Investment bodies digital service providers:

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